Customer Reviews

"PupCakes...they sound yummy! Oh that sounds good! What do you think Giggy? PupCakes with our tea?  I Love PupCakes!"
Ginger Zarin, beloved dog of Jill Zarin, New York
"Real Housewives of New York" series on Bravo TV

"Tori Spelling's dogs loved them and she thought you had a great product."
Jenny Keller, Jenny Cookies
"Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. I loved it! XXX"
Lisa Vanderpump-Todd, Beverly Hills, California 90210
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" series on Bravo TV

"We would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for your generous gift. Again, thank you for your kind gift."
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, The White House

"Thank you PupCakes for your wonderful gift of fresh-baked and frosted
PupCakes provided during a 'dog friendly' wine tasting event at Northwest
Cellars in Kirkland. We are sure that the canine guests enjoyed the treat!
Please accept my heartfelt thanks."
David Loewe, Chief Executive Officer, Seattle Humane Society

"Yay! Just found out you'll be here at our Dog Gone Easter Party. Mabel and I, who've never missed this event, will be able to look for you, grab a sample, and
buy some of what everyone thinks are yummy cakes. I think it's going to be hard
to wait, but I'm sure PupCakes will be worth it."
Donna Lynn Holt, Attorney-at-Law, Tumwater, Washington

"Thanks for the awesome product so easy to make at home! Made two batches
today, they are a huge hit with the Rotties! "
Michelle Krivacek via Facebook

"I made PupCakes for C.J.'s birthday party and we took the PupCakes to his
party at his pug family's home. Eight pugs and C.J. (a fawn pug) had a happy
birthday party. I was so happy, it was C.J.'s one year birthday."
C.J.'s Mommy
"My dogs will forever associate tall blonde women in red shirts and white
aprons with YUMMY TREATS!!"
Rebecca Wallick, Maian Meadows Dog Camp

"Lola went crazy for PupCakes when I got home from Poochapalooza! THANK YOU! XO"
Lori Pacchiano, High Maintenance Bitch

"Hello I was so happy to see (your Bake-At-Home Mixes) at the IGA market."
Juneann Weitmann (Facebook)

"My dogs LOVED their treats, can't wait to bake their treats, I am sure
they will love them too! You definitely have a new customer :)))"
Tanya Peterson Weiderstrom, Lake Stevens, Washington

"Sandra & Company, Thanks for making us happy Westies with your yummy
treats! We love PupCakes & you!"
Max & Baylee Rose  Bliven, Lake Stevens, Washington

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