Got Questions?

Is it real meat, fruit, vegetables and peanut butter?
YES! Freeze dried preserving of the lamb, sweet potato, green pea, bacon, and peanut butter followed by our vacuum sealing process keeps the PupCakes  Bake-At-Home Mixes fresh. PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mixes do not contain added salt, sugar or preservatives.

What kinds of grains are used?
Our Wild, Bacon, and Peanut Butter PupCakes are made with whole wheat and are also available in a grain-free formula. 

Why gluten-free/grain-free?
Gluten is a protein complex in wheat products and the whole wheat flour used in original Wild, Bacon, and Peanut Butter PupCakes contains gluten, to which some dogs have sensitivity. By using high quality gluten-free flour those PupCakes contain no wheat gluten.

How long do fresh-baked PupCakes last?
Like any other fresh-baked goods without preservatives PupCakes will only last a maximum of two days. Like we enjoy our fresh-baked breads and muffins, dogs enjoy PupCakes when they are fresh.

After making the Bake-At-Home Mix, how do I store PupCakes?
Keep a few fresh-baked PupCakes in a bag or airtight container on the counter for your furry friends to enjoy now, and put the rest of the PupCakes into an airtight bag or container and put them in the freezer for up to 30 days. PupCakes thaw quickly when taken out of the freezer. Dogs love them frozen!

Can I buy PupCakes Mixes locally near Granite Falls?
YES, you can! Please see our Retail Locations to find PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mixes near you.

Do I have to use a mini muffin pan?
No. If using regular size muffin cups increase baking time to 25 minutes. As with mini muffin pans only fill the cups 2/3 full.

Does PupCakes, LLC offer other gift items?
YES! Our PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mixes make a great gift to the dog lover in your life and we also offer complete ready-to-bake gift baskets featuring PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mix and other goodies. These make a wonderful gift for birthday or get-well wishes, or a new puppy or dog adoption. Check out our Events and come visit us for fresh-baked and hand-decorated PupCakes

Can we ship PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mixes as a gift to the dog lover in our life?
Of course! LOCAL delivery of gift baskets is always free. We are happy to ship anywhere in the United States (and points beyond if you want to pay extra.)
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