About PupCakes, LLC

Family owned and operated, PupCakes, LLC has been in business since 2009. PupCakes, LLC supports many local non-profit animal shelters and organizations with a portion of our sales and product donations.

PupCakes are baked fresh to preserve taste and quality. Vacuum sealed PupCakes Bake-At-Home Mixes allow you to make PupCakes at home for your dogs with no special ingredients.

Adopted in 2008 from the Everett Animal Shelter, Sawyer, a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, was starving, neglected and in need of medical care to save his life. Dan and Sandra knew that this was a special dog and after one year of adoption had a "birthday" paw-ty to celebrate Sawyer's new life. There were dog friends, dog goodie bags, dog games, and PupCakes were baked for the first time. They were such a hit with the dog guests that the dog parents encouraged Sandra and her mother, Kathy, to share PupCakes with everyone and a small town home-based business was born to highlight our love of dogs and the belief that PupCakes are

"For Your Dog's Special Day...Or Everyday!"
Healthy Gourmet Snacks for Dogs